“Pierced Behind The Eye”


Pierced behind the eye for all the studies I try, as I hear a little from there a little and the puzzle is the blood curdling cry! The last words of an old lady are the first words of a little boy, he listened to himself and heard the voice of God as he prayed for his life the words guided him to the sod. Today the man still wonders why people reject the nod, why we do not bow our heads and give ourselves to God?


Is all of this just hoopla Is Christ the Son of God as the man that was a boy and his head will shake to nod? Yes he will explain the same as in drowning is no game three times in that fateful day changed the child through God. Why no one listens to the boy who turned his life to God and read and read felt like his eyes had bleed and seen the side of God. He seen the world as it is and satan controls the sod! With words he creates a prism for only the chosen to see, parables of many trick the mind who read . Do you understand the books the earth involved to read and call them their religions or is it just one in which you believe? The boy will state they all were true but bound are many gods, as they went against their master their Father is our God



For the young boy he had no mother, no father who did care but every time he needed help God was always there. As a man of middle age he tells his story still but no one wants to listen, thinks his mind is crazy still. They will listen to an old lady but not take her words, to fill that what in their heart does lack for it can not practice without  God’s will. Neither do they ask for this that the will of God be theirs, they go on through their life living it as if no one cares.

David and  Goliath

The words from this here man are off in cyberspace, how he nearly lost his life to drowning no one cares, can he even save just one, it would be worth it? So this he dares to put his words on paper in many different ways he has learned that all authority is out to kill all the man of this age. For man does not look at God as the authority of man but give this to other men who take than all they can. No government will stand a chance against The One True God and all the laws they muster will be placed beneath the sod. Speaking out for justice is no one but for lies, they have taken away the laws of God and this is their demise.

0dog obama

I speak as I am the boy who nearly drowned three times in that one day but five more since I was found. Falling out of trees and hitting the hard ground has still not altered the thoughts inside God saved me each time I was found. It is why I have studied all about God and a full picture has been found, the puzzle of blood has confound the world and no one read all that was bound. They all fit here together and show an evil way how gods and men sin again and again and think they know the way.


Truth is in the book of life that Constantine did change and colleges of men still teach what was rearranged. They believe in it wholeheartedly hardened to the core, they read not anything else to see what is in the store. Placed beneath the caticalmes the truth is hid from eyes, so man can only then believe that all of them is lies.  But if you read of every sect there behind the eyes, is a mind that will connect the dots and know not all is lies. You will find truth in if you pray and believe that our Father cries, He gave to us all the text but we refuse to use our eyes and teach what is read to all it is said so to know the truth not lies.


Our government’s indifference to the words our Father gave must be fought at all cost if the world will ever be saved. For men of wealth and power have bought their influence over man and God is on the sidelines as satan’s army makes a stand. Today you listen to a dead old lady but the boy is still alive but no one will give the man an ear why the dead I cry? Will this old lady change your mind whose hard life shadows mine, who asks you to listen to yourself and in it God you’ll find? Fact it is if behind your eye God he is not there, the one that you be listening to is satan so beware!!!


Studying years upon the years God comes in through prayer, it takes us down upon our knees for God to get  in there. A contrite heart that through the mind is a start for us to see, that God does love us all and wants us all to be what we can be. This study takes our time and it is this time that God does see, how contrite your spirit is to see what there is to see. Even though they blind the way and more questions do you raise but if you continue to seek the truth you will be just totally amazed. All you can be is His reward, you can’t do it on your own, His Son came to fulfill the Word and when you realize this you have grown.



So read of all the blood and see what you can see, the Holy Spirit is an entity and in you it can dwell and with this power of our God you can shake the earth as well. I am pierced behind the eye and know your in your hell and know the only way to escape is through the Son of God I tell. Confounded are the religions for they live not by the faith, but if you brought them all together You might see Christs whole face. I can tell you sitting here this I did and it’s true from here my place. He opened up the heavens and shown me the beast in place, it is upon the earth, as he has confounded all our race.

human brain

Confounded our knowledge and separated us for that it is worth, as money is there cause, money is their evil curse. You are taught to ugal money and not knowledge for its worth, so it is why you seek to satisfy the flesh and not the mind it’s worth. Study ” The Mystery Of The Ages ” and know from where the knowledge came, Elijah was a prophet who returned with The Law’s God gave. We need to know the who we are in the order each one be saved, upon the crystal was engraved his name Elijah, so the law it is then here but we all need to read the truth and know how it had came by a man who study all the thought of man he set out to prove a wong, that was right and conceded it through life he gave his heart and soul to God all because of this his wife.

Kids  st face


More needs to be done and we are the ones to fulfill God’s master plan, so seek inside what satisfied God, within His eyes. That you take the time and read and find the blood of man a grind, a task that takes you to being the best that you can be, praying always for Him to guide you down the path that you’ll see. Then and only then when you close your eyes you’ll see and listen to yourself and there God will He be. Piercing through behind your eye you will know then that you’re satisfied when the words of our God and His Son is always on your mind and when the thing you say the most is thank you God, you’ve tried!




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