If You Do Not Watch This You Will Never know [ KNOW The TRUTH ! ]


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I know this is a fact: So Get Sick First, Then Get Mad, Then Damn it Do Something
About It ! Every Fortune 500 Company is Involved !!!


Fight, Fight, Fight; Damn it, Get Fit and Fight!


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I live in server pain night and day, I put nails in my knee caps in a fall, I put a tent peg in my foot in a fall in the military 10 days after I cam back from Korea, spending two years on crutches. This same fall messed up my back and neck that now have deteriorated disks. I am full of arthritis, my bowels have been removed, I am partially deaf from the 50 caliber machine gun and have ringing in my ears all the time. I was hung on a coat hook by my fifth grade teacher, broken my hands, put a six inches of shard glass up my groin, I have three patched hernias and one that is not. I walk with a cane when I can or use a wheel chair. BUT YET I WORK HARDER THEN MOST KIDS TODAY. It is called DETERMINATION!

I cant sleep do to the pain and getting out of bed is the hardest thing to do all days as I have to roll just right or my neck or back gets tweaked and I just lay there in more pain. I am on three narcotics that I try to manege that were taken away from me in jail when a judge thought because I did not have the $ to see their psychiatrist with a four day notice and the notice was not for where it was.

I am not asking for sympathy I just want it to be noted GET OFF YOUR ASS AND FIGHT! STOP GRUMBLING ABOUT [ YOU CANT DO THIS OR THAT] Those of us who know ” No Pain, No Gain can’t protect you all much longer. Our Schools have taught you to become so damn lazy and self centered you have gone off and did not study the people you put into these high places. You just believed the pulpit you decided to listen to and have now lost everything our Forefathers fought and died for.

Their is no pride in this country but by mouth that holds no action, no support. These brain dead Police, Judge, and Lawyers are all wimps and I could still probably take most of you in a one one one fight. and those who really know me [know I can] it is called study study study , Practice Practice Practice. I truly want to give uP but it is not in me. I have had NO FUN in way to damn long but what I am mostly sick and tired of is seeing that most people don’t give a shit about this country nor how we got here. Well you just dam lost it and the are coming to take you all and put you in camps like they did the Jew’s and the Japanese. If you don’t think this is going to happen it is only because you stupids believe in the news media who is owned be those setting this uP.

I fight every day not only just to get around and do that what I have got to do but I fight for you and the way things should be. I still study every day because I know it is not what you have in your hand that you take with you when you die. and at six years old I did die falling out of a tree hitting a fence post , I have been visited by that what most people do not believe in nor have a clue of. Few are chosen and fewer will persevere. I am here to teach the truth yet most will only believe in the lies. The only reason our system is flawed is because you all let it get that way.

PUSSIES is what my old man would say you are The women have become men and the men have become women letting their wives control them only because you had no faith to stand uP and fight with. Obama is a Gay Muslim if he was among his own they would KILL HIM period… I had a Dog named Pansy who was white like the flower, she was stronger then most men I see today who are Pansies in my eyes.

The books are on the shelf getting dusty and moldy and this administration is burning the shelves they are on so as Knowledge itself will be lost do to their me, me, me, attitudes when their mouths say we are for you. Their actions tell it all. Al Franken for one has dual citizen ship with Israel [ So just who is this two faced ass for?]  [ Not YOU] It Is Only For his Own Safety as it Is for the other 39 Representatives who have Dual citizen ship whit Israel.

We wast our monies on the frivolous and spend our time wasted on a TV Screen that is FULL of Subliminal Messages that cause you to be worse then a monkeys, to go here or their and wast your money helping no one. You are putting weight on that can’t come off until you learn to exercise. Well exercise your brain and learn something every day, so that when you do die you just might have something to contribute to. The Microwave has become your convenience but you have no clue that what id does to the food you eat taking away from it the nutrition but as well it makes it so that your body can not get rid of the crap it turned it into. I see so many fat , FAT People I feel for them in one way but as well; “DON’T YOU KNOW: NOT ONLY ARE YOU KILLING YOURSELF AND CAUSING YOUR OWN MENTAL MISERY AND Depression You ARE JUST WASTING THE FOOD YOU EAT WHEN WE HAVE 2.3 MILLION PEOPLE STARVING TO DEATH IN THE WORLD, GOD DOES NOT LOOK KINDLY ON GLUTTONS OR PIGS! The only Reason you are fat and lazy is because you ate it and get no exercise.

I mean when you are bigger then the grocery cart, you need no grocery’s! Just stop eating and you Will loose weight ! I can fast three days and look Like I fasted a month. It is after the three days that the hunger pains go away and your body starts to clean itself out of all the toxins you are killing yourself with. Especially your chips, soda and sweets. A piece of cake is one thing but eating the whole damn thing is another. America wastes enough food to feed a Nation on it’s own! Most people who go to the food shelf don’t eat the majority of the food the get it sits on their shelf and goes to waste because they are to damn lazy to cook a Good Meal.

I have seen to many pantries of these people that are so over crowded with the same type of food and I know it all came from the food shelf. they only went there because it was free in hops for something good but the food shelf is to be for emergency purposes. I have to often seen these FAT people with kids that look like they are starving. or just the opposite Fat Kids! Schools don’t teach us crap and yet parents think their kids are smart because they come home with A’s and B’s, Sorry but they are just Dumbed down and rewarded with a star for being so stupid! Our Teachers are as dumb as our kids now I have seen a teacher not be able to correct a third graders homework. So then you wonder why our police are so DAMN IGNORANT and Follow their leader right into hell.

The Truth of God is that what you can not see, only because you have been brain washed by the viper to think that it He is not there, or that He is not real because the pulpit you listen to says He is not! I know that He is there because do to the fact of what I have done in my life I was given a glimpse. I except death with open arms as I know only then will I be pain free, as the worst pain I have is looking at you all and wondering [ What can I do to wake you all the hell uP!] It Is Time to become fit and ready to Fight because the war is here and they are going to Kill you or lock you uP then all you will be eating is black potatoes, beans and rice if your lucky.


Chemtrails Are Killing Every Living thing!

Fight For Your Life



Whistle Blow this to the World as The Public Defenders office will not take my Email!


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I have Never been Convicted of a Crime in my Life, yet My Mug shot has been posted throughout the world with false information saying I have a Felony Probation Violation. That Is totally False. This shall shed the light on this corrupt community as well as the corruptness going on in our Courts !

A lot of this is my notes and the spelling is very bad I know but that is the way it is and why I always try to use my computer, but when you are locked up and refused your mail as well as a doctor: The fact that I do not eat pork do to My religious faith: The fact that Judges can threaten you at your home when you have done nothing wrong. The fact that the police do not have to do their job when someone robs you, destroys your property, steals your mail. Is it all because I am a Chaplain that they want to say I am Crazy? NO I will not take it any longer, all of this is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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” Seeking all Knowledge, it is my Freedom. Time to Stand Fast for a Reason.”

July 8, 2011 at 11:21am

I saw through the fair breeze,  upon the trees, far back in the winds of time,

The beauty possessed by Our Eternal’s, Rhythm and Rhyme.

Skeptic is I, as I past through time, seeking so hard to understand the rhyme.

What now I see,  is what has kept us all blind,  how can we believe, God’s rhythm, God’s rhyme?

Less we Believe, from where we seek it from, to  find.

The pain  in our heart , it is so  near  it, you will find.

The Nous is the reason, for your pain, and the blind,

It is who we  are,  from the beginning of time.


There is more that meets the eye, of God’s Rhythm, God’s Rhyme,

Kept in the dark, by the foes of time.

Like unto a sheet, in the winds, torn by time,

We read, The Words of His Grace,  Go Find.

Why words to confound us,  and split all our race?

When will we catch up, to God’s Understanding? What grace,

Why, no One is right yet, or understands, their place!


I saw in the Heavens, a dangerous face, set out to destroy U,S,  here in our place.

What overcame, the perfect Eagle, Up in the Northern sky?

Out of the west, came this horrible lie,

A creature so disgusting, I ran, did I.

Seeking the truth, in numbers, though the message slipped I,

Till I read it somewhere else, and It opened my eye.

Pointing toward the facts, that it all caught my eye,

as something is at work, beyond, in the sky.


We are only pawns, to a Government of lie’s,

spawned, only by hatred, of other men, of High.

Rhyme , for no reason, wallows, out of tune in time.

Seeking, all there is to seek, is understanding our mind.


Stand fast, therefore, in our Liberty,

wherewith the Eternal, has made us free,

Not, Entangled again, by the yoke of Bondage,

We are free.

Who, under the truth, but unto Christ, can set us free?

The Light, unto God, by His own Son, He can see,

As Christ, is His Light, through all eternity.


I saw through the fare breeze, upon the trees, far back in the winds of time,

I caught a peace, of the riddle, the rhyme.

Torn, are the pages, of truth I find,

But not missing from our planet,

But from our acceptance, I find.


Deep, in the Nous, was the answer,

You Will Find,

Seeking,  with peace,  in your Minds Heart,

Except Him, in your mind,

Not one of us here, need, to remain, still blind.

It takes time to seek,

Do not except answers from a man,

but your mind,

From that, all you seek in prayer, you’ll find.


Knowledge, is upon the shelf,

Love your neighbor, then your-self,

Find Eternal Life,  Eternal Wealth.

Our Knowledge, is Our Freedom,

There is no bank that holds that wealth,

Nor is all The Truth, upon,

A one, and only shelf.




I think it is very incompetent of you to not call me back today when I called you just after 3:00 pm.  It is not a fact that if you want to, it is a fact that you should have as your tape cut me off. Your Secretary told me you were on another line, She did not ask me if I wanted to hold, she asked me if I wanted to leave a message. This I did but I could not finish what I wanted to say and this You Knew when or if you listened to your messages before you left for Bloomington. I have six emails to send you of documents as I can only send Ten at a time this way, So Make sure you are able to read them and show the judge as I am sending them to Greg Davis as well as to the Judge because I do not trust ether of you for the lies I have encountered from you all. Now Because of those lies I am as well sending this to the State Bar as well as Your head Office in ST Paul. I asked you the other day to Write up a request as well as months ago to  [ I Requested this case be dropped.] A It was a request of my friend who said it would prove if and you were working for me or for the prosecution. The very fact that I was put in jail and it was premeditated as the bailiff came out and said are you ready for us? [ This showed this was all premeditated as he knew full well he was taking me downstairs.] I am no fool !  The fact that you lied saying the other day that you have not had any hearings without me only goes to show that you do not even remember what you told me just before the last time we went into court. That was that ‘ You had had two hearings without me before that one. So get your story strait ! I am perusing my own case against you and would so much like to see people like you disbarred and I have disbarred a public defender in 1999.  You can ask your friend Solien who Judy was, They called her Homely Judy !  Joseph McGowan as least stands up and defends the people he represents where you just sit there like a dump on a log. I should not have to tell you what our job is, nor should I have to squeeze you for information. This case has cost me way to much as Aitkin Published me as being in jail and opened the door for any Tom Dick or Hairy to come and rob My home. as I lost over $5.000.00 worth of property, and received over $6.000.00 worth in property damages that Heidi Lenk out of the Sheriffs office has documented. You might want to talk to her and see how much I have hollered at her. I have a hearing problem and that is the only reason you people think I am Hollering. As Well as the fact I come to the point and I am not a mealy mouth that our government wants everyone to be. I have 35 Years of study behind me. Einstein was thought to be crazy as well and I had a 4 year college level of Comprehension in the ninth grade. I have studied and still do study everything that effects my life as well as yours. I do not know what school you came out of or how you got the job you have but I do not think it is because you got strait A’s. I was second in my class in theology and in High school I had a B+ average and left High-school two weeks into my 12 grade I had already far exceeded the credits I needed and past my military exam again with high enough scores to get my diploma from any school in the country. I was also asked to become an officer but I declined as I knew 100.000 officers were shot in the back by their own men in Vietnam. When Anonymous rises up where do you think you will be a few years down the line? They do not forgive and do not forget and as far as I see it why should they? When someone does not do unto others as they would want for themselves I then see satan in them. I do not see God ever forgiving satan! If I was in your shoes I would welcome the criticism. As How do we learn? But what I see with you and what you do, destroys people s lives when you do not do the right thing for them. The fact is you have a full obligation to do it as well as opportunity to. I am a preacher of the new age and my name means much more then that. I am who God wants me to be and Michael knows it. He is a very smart man and I hope to God he takes after my work. I can not say that of you. Life is hard the way it is, so why make it any harder on others You may think we all are animals but then what does that make you? I do not capitalize satan but satan was the one to stand up and argue before God, Christ is our intercessor and when we realize that and that the after life is very much more real then this life, the better of we will be. thus for eternal life is a lot longer then this 100 years. My art is followed by the Paisley Art Ins  and Matt Knispel destroyed the biggest part of that, as what he destroyed was my first works The Memorial to Jodi Huisentruit who was kidnapped and never found in 1995. Karma has a good hold on his ass as he is so yellow I don’t give him much time for all the poison he has put into his system. That goes as well as for the other people who robed me! I may be being tested but the fact is, I know I shall overcome. I started here with nothing and their is nothing I can take with me to the other side from here but that what is in my brain and that is the very reason I do not stop studying and seeking the truth through all the avenues God has given US. Hope You See The Light and do what is right for me as well as for everyone you come into contact with, or you will meet up with Anonymous who does not forgive and does not forget.

Now the fact that we have not sat down and had any correspondence about this case and it is well over a year old and all I see is a railroad job by this State and everyone else involved. I am sending you all that I can come together right now so as you can’t say you did not know. I am Very disabled and have wrecked my body even more trying to put back that what has been taken from me and trying to put together enough money to fight this. Putting me in a ward for thirty days helps no one and I guarantee I went three days without eating or drinking anything this last time in jail. The only reason I did eat was to stop others from fighting over my food that they wanted. That will not happen their, I know what will power is and that after three days one does not have to eat their bodies starts to eat itself and I do not need the stress of another 30 days wondering just what is going on at my home that even when I asked the police to watch what they did was PERMIT ITS Theft and destruction.  I am going to as well publish this all on line for the world of Occupy and Anonymous to see. As I said, I know who I am and all Your names will be brought up in this blog and I will send it to all my sites as Most of those that follow me are from The Occupy Movement as well as Anonymous.



A 60 day speedy trial Is what I asked for the first day with a so called attorney Michael Bender who in my eyes is just a con man who took my money and ran!

Now I tried to be nice and send this off to the public defenders office in privet but they would not take all my Emails and Google is hacking into my photos and not getting them all off to them on my Google Mail site. I Have Had Enough and Can Not Take it any more and you will see why when you read this as their is so much corruption it is time we all start doing this to bring these corrupt individuals to JUSTICE !  I need all the Help I can get as I have lost enough over three men whose greed is to have another mans women. The man who hit me, The man who is taking my mail, and my neighbor north of me! That I can’t even make it to this Hearing 60 miles away because they have mad my Truck un safe to drive and I can’t fix it myself in the condition I am In and the weather has not given my friend the ability to do it when he has  the time. Thou he will try tomorrow.

As well as the fact that all I have come up against in this County and State is CORRUPTION I had To Expos you all as your boss Greg Davis Held My Letters from you, The State said I had to talk to Greg Davis and he NEVER CONTACTED ME BACK IN 4 Mouths. The Courts Have Treated Me as they Treated me before I will Not sit Down and Put up with Lies any more I am Letting The World See What You have Done to Me And What the Police let be done to me as well! Now If You lock Me up and I wither away the world Knows that it has all been from a Lie To a Lie to a Lie To another Lie from Ken Anderson to the Police, to the Judge and The prosecution as well as the lawyer I paid for and All you who work in the Public Defenders Office who say I am Hollering only because I can not hear. Well the World Hears Me NOW !


Angels, demons, UFO’S , Just what is it? A SMOKE SCREEN ?


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Angels, demons, UFO’S , Just what is it? A SMOKE SCREEN ?

I analyzed every shot of this chemical cloud, see what you can see? BUT IT IS NO CLOUD LIKE I EVER SEEN BEFORE ! IT”S A SMOKE SCREEN!!! This Cloud was photographed for 15 minutes.HELP ME





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